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April 28, 2023

BILLY Music Video

The official music video for "Billy" by Daniel Herr (singer & songwriter) has just been released! I had the pleasure of creating this video together with Filipe Portugal (choreographer) and Dimitri Waeber (dancer).

November 29, 2021

Interview for

I was interviewed by Conor Shilling for Read the article here

April 9, 2021

Photo Shoot for "Pilates Barre Lovers"

I had the pleasure of taking pictures for a new online platform for ballet, barre, pilates and full body workouts.

March 26, 2021

Re-Salire Review

"From the beautiful and historic Villa Egli in Zurich, the talented videographer Nicole Davidson has filmed and organized a live streaming, starring the dancer Giulia Tonelli" Full Article (Italian)

December 3, 2020

Xenias Christbaum

New video (German) for hellozurich:

Wer hat die schönste Tanne? In der Christbaum-Challenge von hellozurich treten drei Kandidat*innen gegeneinander an. In der ersten Folge schmückt Xenia ihren Baum. Die Zürcherin liebt die Festtage über alles: «Wir haben dieses Jahr schon zweimal Weihnachten gefeiert.» Watch the video

October 16, 2020

Dana & Caleb's Wedding

Congratulations Dana and Caleb! Thank you for trusting me with your wedding pictures. More wedding photos

September 6, 2020

International Fine Arts Film Festival

The short dance film "Passion & Serenity" has officially been selected by the International Fine Arts Festival 2020!

August 15, 2020

Goppisberg Musikfestival

Today I had the pleasure of photographing a live concert in the St. Peter church in Zurich. Thank you for your trust, Duo LaLò & musique en route!

July 29, 2020

Testing new ventilators

New video for ETH Zürich:

The Covid-19 pandemic has created a worldwide demand for affordable ventilators. As part of the "Give a Breath Challenge", an initiative of Munich Re and the Fraunhofer Society, ETH Zurich is testing new respiratory systems to alleviate the effects of the pandemic for those affected worldwide. Watch the video

June 15, 2020

«A university cannot function if the majority stays at home.»

New video for ETH Zürich:

Gunnar Jeschke is the head of the Department of Chemistry and Applied Biosciences at ETH Zürich. During the emergency operations, the chemistry building had to be shut down and courses were transferred online. In the following video he talks about his experience during the emergency operations. Watch the video

March 14, 2020

It's a wrap!

Today was the long-awaited film shoot for my project "Passion & Serenity". After preparing this project for the past six months, we finally got to film Filipe Portugal's choroegraphy, danced by Luca D'Amato and Emma Antrobus. Behind the scenes sneak peek

May 31, 2019

Wedding Shoot

Congratulations to Caroline & Tobias! Thank you for trusting me with your wedding! More wedding photos

August 17, 2018

Wedding Shoot

I was honoured to have been trusted to capture a wonderful wedding in a beautiful Alpine region of Switzerland. More wedding photos  

October 28, 2017

"STAGES" has been selected by the Cine-Sister Film Festival

Cine-Sister is a film programming organisation focused on promoting films made with female-identifying filmmakers in a leadership role. Further information

December 16, 2021

Where the future begins

ETH Zurich presents a new image film. I had the pleasure of taking over the project management. The film was produced by Seed. Watch now

September 9, 2021

Videos for Ballettschule für das Opernhaus Zürich

Due to the pandemic, the annual performance of the ballet school had to be cancelled. Instead, I filmed all the choreographies so that the students could receive a DVD of them as a memory.

March 31, 2021

Video Journalist for ETH Zurich

I am thrilled to announce that I have taken on the position of video journalist at ETH Zurich!

January 20, 2021

Natsume's Lunchbox

New video for

Natsume Wegmann set up a lunchbox delivery service during the pandemic. The Japanese nutrition therapist not only cooks, but also delivers the healthy food herself in Zurich.

Watch the video

November 17, 2020

Leg Prosthesis With Sensory Feedback

New video for

The Swiss team NeuroLegs from the ETH Zurich aims to restore superficial sensory feedback for the missing leg through wearable sensors in the shoes. Watch the video

September 23, 2020

Focus Roll-out 2020

New video for ETH Zurich:

During the Bachelor's program, students can deepen their acquired knowledge and apply it in the focus projects in the fifth and sixth semesters. Watch the video

September 2, 2020

«We were stuck»

New video for ETH Zürich:

During the lockdown Antoinette van der Merwe was stuck in South Africa. While she was there, she started a new research project to find out how poor families are coping with the current corona crisis. Watch the video

August 7, 2020

Wedding Shoot

Congratulations to André & Angela! Thank you for trusting me with your wedding. More wedding photos

July 7, 2020

«I miss the creativity»

New video for ETH Zürich: 

Jasper Clarysse is a doctoral student at the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering. Now that he’s back in the lab, things are different than they were before the lockdown. In the following video, he talks about his current situation at ETH Zürich. Watch the video

June 9, 2020

«It's almost a little creepy sometimes»

New video for ETH Zürich:

Esther Birk works at the Info and Service Center in the main building of ETH Zurich. Normally, people queue up at the counter early in the morning. During the emergency operations it's completely different: it's very quiet. You walk through the main building and hear your own steps. In the following video, Esther Birk talks about her experience. Watch the video

January 4, 2020

New Project "Stage to Screen"

I am excited to collaborate on a new film project with Filipe Portugal, Emma Antrobus and Luca D'Amato. You can now support our film on IndieGoGo.

May 17, 2019

Wedding Shoot

Congratulations Jan & Mirsi! Taking pictures of your wedding was a wonderful experience! More wedding photos 

June 22, 2018

Live Camera for "L'Incoronazione di Poppea"

In June and July 2018, I will be working as a live camera operator for the performances of "L'Incoronazione di Poppea" at Opernhaus Zürich. 

December 15, 2021

A Magical Farewell

„ETH Zurich‘s Christmas event was held virtually for the second time due to the pandemic. One of the highlights was the farewell to Rector Sarah Springman, with an almost magical atmosphere as the baton was handed over to her successor Günther Dissertori.“ I had the honor of making the video for the occasion. Watch now

August 14, 2021

Collaboration with VOCES8

I've had the honor of producing three videos for this year's "Live from London Festival" in collaboration with Paul Smith, Giulia Tonelli, Mélissa Ligurgo and Lucas Valente.

Join the Festival

March 27, 2021

Re-Salire Premiere

In an effort to bring dance to a wide audience during these difficult times, Giulia Tonelli has created the ballet evening "Re-Salire" together with internationally renowned dancers and choreographers. I had the honor of creating all the videos for the event. Watch the videos

January 8, 2021

Restaurant KLE Commercial

New commercial for the Restaurant KLE and hellozurich. Watch the video

October 30, 2020

«Ich kann mit Verstorbenen reden»

Monika-Jaqueline Maag Hug runs the witch store Des Balances in Zürich. She has been seeing ghosts since she was two years old. We met Monika-Jaqueline for an interview. Watch the video

September 14, 2020

Men In Dance

The short documentary "STAGES" has been selected by the Men In Dance Festival 2020!

August 28, 2020

Save the date!

The short dance film "Passion & Serenity" will premiere on 4 February 2021! Watch the video

July 30, 2020

Claire & Dave's Wedding

Thank you for trusting me with your wedding video, Claire and Dave! Watch the video

June 23, 2020

«It was quite a shock»

New video for ETH Zürich:

Alison Hunt works in the Earth Science Department at ETH Zürich. Transitioning from researching in the lab to working from home wasn't easy. However, it also came with new opportunities. In the following Video, Alison Hunt talks about her experience during the emergency operations. Watch the video

March 31, 2020


#COVID-19: Just becuase the world is staying at home doesn't mean that we can't keep dancing. I asked dancers from different countries to send me videos of themselves dancing at home. Watch the video

September 23, 2019

The Kutlesa Gallery represents Nicole Davidson

The Kutlesa Gallery is a modern and contemporary art gallery, which presents the work of rising artists with a major talent and high potential. Further information about available works 

March 30, 2019

Following the Production of "Sweeney Todd"

After following the rehearsal process for Andreas Homoki's production of "Sweeney Todd" with my camera for 41 days, the documentary film "41 Days" has been completed  successfully. Further information about the production

June 18, 2018

Who is who?

New video for Opernhaus Zürich:

Who is who? The four main characters from Franz Lehár's operetta "The Land of Smiles" - Prince Sou-Chong, Lisa, Mi and Gustl - introduce themselves. Watch the video

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